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We offer hundreds of shapes and sizes of shutters to fit all of your needs. We can help you with recommendations in design type, material type, finish (stain or paint color) and hardware. Styles include the traditional Board & Batten, Louvered, Plank, Vertical Board, Barn Door Z Shutters and Raised Panel designs. They all come primed and paint ready for your specific needs.

Polyurethane (Smooth or Wood Grain)

Our goal is to create decorative elements that are indistinguishable to the eye from actual wood. At the same time look as good in twenty years as the day it was installed. You can count on polyurethane to have consistent quality and uniformity from piece to piece. Additionally, you can count on polyurethane not to split, chip or flake. Polyurethane shutters are superior because there is no need for exposed wood behind the shutters allowing access for termites and moisture. Also, as for fire code, polyurethane shutters install over continuous stucco or siding, which allows your building to maintain its fire protection.

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters allow visibility while completely shading the window. Bahama shutters are hinged at the top and act as an awning. Our powder coated aluminum or prefinished fiberglass products are corrosion and rust proof, a superior alternative to steal. They are stronger and will last years longer than wood. Both decorative and standard arms are available.