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PVC Trim

Trim made from PVC insures a solid and uniform structure from the surface all the way through to the core. With PVC you can count on consistent thickness and perfectly square edges. Installers love the workability of PVC as they are able to use all their same woodworking tools and fasteners and there is no need to seal or paint the cut edges for protection. And they prefer PVC to wood when routing, milling and mitering as well as fastening close to the edges of the product. Homeowners love the durability of PVC as it is impervious to insects and rotting. It will not warp, twist or split over the years.


Our limestone products are made using a blend of natural limestone and minerals mixed with cement and bonded to mesh and foam with special adhesives. Limestone is lightweight and easily installed on walls or ceilings. It can be used for columns, fireplace surrounds, balusters, entryways, or any architectural shape. Limestone shapes are available in custom shapes and sizes, as well as any radius to fit your building. Choose from either a honed, rustic or travertine finish. Several color options are available ranging from true limestone to soft yellows and dusty grays.

Wood Grain Polyurethane

Our goal is to create decorative elements that are indistinguishable to the eye from actual rough-sawn wood. At the same time look as good in ten years as the day it was installed. You can count on polyurethane to have consistent quality and uniformity from piece to piece. Additionally, you can count on polyurethane not split, chip or flake. Polyurethane trim can be installed over stucco, siding or brick veneer with adhesives and minimal mechanical fasteners.

Smooth Polyurethane Molding

Whether it is window frames, arches, fascia, soffits, or entryways, smooth polyurethane is lightweight, easy to install and practically maintenance free for the life of the product. Polyurethane trim can be cut and shaped to conform to any opening.

Vents and Decorative Elements

With dozens of patterns and shapes to choose from, you can add the perfect detail to your project. We offer active and decorative vents, plus standard and custom panels to complete your architectural style. Installers enjoy working with polyurethane as they can count on continuity and uniformity. You'll save time and money by reducing labor costs as these products are installed with significantly less effort.