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Architectural Columns can set the style for your home. Adding a little extra charm to an exterior front porch is easy. Our columns are not only visually appealing, but these architectural columns are now available to home owners, builders, and contractors who want a traditional look for their new home or home improvement projects. Add beauty and style to your home with columns in archways, patios, porches, entryways, foyers, pergolas, and more. What you see here is a small sampling of what we offer. Please call to discuss other options.

Our Columns are designed and fabricated to fit your specific need. They are available in full and half columns or column wraps and come in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes. We carry everything from high-end composite columns to paint-grade budget-sensitive products.

Limestone Columns

Our limestone products are made using a blend of natural limestone and minerals mixed with cement and bonded to mesh and foam with special adhesives. Limestone is lightweight and easily installed. It can be used for stand alone columns or entryway columns. Choose from either a honed, rustic or travertine finish. Several color options are available ranging from true limestone to soft yellows and dusty grays. Custom sizes and details are always welcome.

Fiberglass Columns

Beautiful traditional or Tuscan smooth fiberglass columns are available in round or square, tapered or non-tapered, smooth or fluted styles to match your architectural theme. Choose from highly detailed square fluted, round tapered and fluted to classic paneled or square and non-tapered. All will arrive in exact specifications with flawless edges. These columns are hollow centered to allow for installation around a structural post. High humidity environments will not effect these non-porous waterproof columns.

PVC Columns

Columns made from PVC insure a perfectly uniform structure from the surface to the core of the material. With PVC you can count on consistent thickness and tight square edges. Homeowners love the durability of PVC as it is impervious to termites, carpenter ants, decaying fungi and rotting. It will not warp, twist or split over the years. And it does not require primer or paint for protection. PVC column wraps can also be useful for hiding downspouts, plumbing and wiring.