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This beautiful beach front custom home showcases both polyurethane and PVC trim components. Notice all of the recessed panels surrounding the ocean front deck and entry focal point. Every piece was custom water jet cut for precise and perfectly consistent patterns. PVC was also used as the T&G ceiling, offering the homeowners years of maintenance-free beauty in this very humid location. Smooth polyurethane trim shapes were installed at the eaves and band trim surrounding the property, including the custom radius pop-out. All of the window and door trim was custom cut and fit from polyurethane moldings to perfectly enhance each opening. With this property's close proximity to the ocean, it was imperative to use weather resistant materials to ensure years of quality and undisturbed beauty.

With over 3.5 miles of polyurethane moldings and 100 fiberglass columns, The Dorian Project is one of the largest installations of composite architectural details on the West Coast today. American Trim supplied and installed all of these crisp, beautiful, composite details. From the stately crown molding under the eaves, to the massive band detail, through all of the window and door surrounds, polyurethane was the architects and developers preferred building material. Polyurethane is the best choice for consistent, sharp, weather resistant details that can withstand the test of time. The oversized fluted fiberglass columns spanning the 2nd and 3rd floors are anchored in place with custom fabricated, hidden brackets designed by American Trim, specifically for this installation. Raising these columns to their elevated position with very narrow access points was a unique challenge indeed. But with American ingenuity, a custom small footprint mechanical hoist was developed, and with pin point accuracy placed each of these state-of-the-art fiberglass columns in their final position. American Trim is proud to showcase The Dorian as one of our premiere projects, making excellent use of composite technology to beautify this impressive structure.